Covers are available in genuine Glove Leather. Because we use top quality hides, the natural characteristics of
leather will allow for some variation in grain and color.
Hard covers are backed by tempered hard board to prevent warping.
Album sizes: 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 8x10, 10x8, 11x14, 14x11.
Capacity: 10-34 pages.
Cover Empire Pro Image Safety Area
Cover image design should be created with a 3/4" safety margin within the design on the outside edges.
We will fold 3/4" off the finished book on the three outside edges.
Album Size Cover Image size
10 x 8 W-10.25 x H-9.75
10 x 10 W-10.25 x H-11.75
12 x 12 W-12.25 x H-13.75
11 x 14 W-11.25 x H-15.75
14 x 11 W-14.25 x H-12.75

Genuine Leather Colors
Black Burgundy Navy
Green Camel Red
Baby Pink Baby Blue White
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