Quality Albums Exclusively for Professional Photographers.
 Welcome to Romanco Albums, manufacturer of the world's finest digital albums.
Our albums are hand crafted in the USA.
Using our albums, you can create a masterpiece in your own studio. Within approximately an hour, you  
will have an album to present
to your clients. It's fast and easy to put together right in your studio.
Our system of mounting photos allows precise position alignment of photo prior to mounting.
Our albums now feature a new specially formulated type of adhesive which, in case of mistake, allows
for quick and easy removal of print. If photo removal is necessary,
remove immediately. The adhesive will set permanently in a couple of hours. The micro grooves incorporated into the adhesive layer
allow air to evacuate during print installation, assuming an easy, bubble-free installation. The print can be removed up to two hours without damaging the adhesive.
To see the quality of an album, click on an image above to see an enlarged view.

Albums are available in two basic styles. Classics albums with opening for pictures and albums with no opening.
Albums can be ordered in black and maroon color in 12-15-20 pages capacity.
This beautiful series of library bound flash mount book with no hinge type, is made from premium bonded
leather. Soft touch covers are backed by tempered hard board to prevent warping.
  Our "no hinge tape" system and very thin gap between prints 1/32" allows for Panorama page on each page spread.
       Pages are thick and resistant to humidity and have peel & stick permanent, extremely long life, acrylic adhesive. Pages feature black vinyl edges and black protective corners.
We offer two types of page blocks. Standard page block the first and last page spread is full panorama.
Basic page block the first and last page spread is half panorama. All albums are supply with Standard page block.
Basic page block available an special request.
The page block is very sturdy.
The adhesive is 1/16 inch smaller than the photograph to allow for slight photograph size variation.
Upon opening the album, the first page is a Panorama spread. This album has no liner on first page spread.
The last page spread has black liner where you can stamp Studio Logo.

To mount prints to the album you need "mounting kit". Reusable "mounting kits" are available as a separate purchase. These kits are reusable and need not be ordered with each album. Different sizes
of album required different sizes of mounting kits.

Use only photo paper 10 mil - 8 mil (regular thickness). Do not laminate prints.
Not recommended for high-gloss prints.
Lacquer coating preferable.
Lustre photographic paper without lacquer coating recommended.

We are also offering Personalizing of Albums, for more information go to Imprinting Service.

  ROMANCO offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for properly maintained albums against manufacturing defects.

Our albums should lay in a flat position not standing when being stored.
Please advise your clients to store their album in a flat position.
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