Only remove photo if a serious mistake is made, not just to adjust position. Photo upon removal will be
destroyed, and will not be able to re-used.
If photo removal is necessary,
remove immediately. The adhesive will set permanently in a couple of
hours. After removal of photo, place liner sheet onto adhesive.
Fig. 1 Start at a corner and pull up. Fig. 2 Pull photo on a diagonal from the right to left side of page.

Fig. 3 When the photo is removed from the
left corner about 2 inches, start to pull and heat photo from top to bottom.
Fig. 4 When photo is removed (about 2 inches
from the Bottom). Begin to pull photo from
right to left again on diagonal so the right
corner is removed first and then towards the
left corner. When photo is removed, place
waxed liner. When you have a new photo, replace on page.
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